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Visual Designer, Collage, Manipulation, VectorArt, Fractals, Symmetry Art, Line Art, UI Design, Web Design

Digital journey
since 2002...

He produced web and graphic designs for many corporate companies. At the same time, he implemented personal projects. He founded, Turkey's only reference site for martial arts. He designed and published Turkey's first Psychedelic Trance e-mag, "Maji".

He was one of the founders of Jojomi Internet Radio and was the music coordinator for 15 months. In recent years, he has been producing designs for Public Beta Wear, one of the world-known psy-clothing companies.


Visual Design


Mustafa Buyukozer is a creative designer based in Antalya, Turkey. Him areas of focus as a visual designer are psycehdelic concepts, futuristic illustrations, minimal designs, UI designs, graphic designs and NFTs.


He worked as a web and graphic designer in many design agencies. He worked on more than 450 projects related to corporate identity and branding. He started working as a freelance creative designer and art director many years ago. At the same time, he launched the only reference site in Turkey for martial arts with personal projects. He published Maji Mag online in 19 issues over 5 years to promote Psychedelic music and art culture a long time ago. Working in the field of music, he was among the founders of Jojomi Internet Radio and worked as a social media and music coordinator for 15 months. Now it's time to surf the NFT wave that surrounds the whole world.

Nov 2018 Interview: We are the Hippies Blog


- Graphic Design
- Illustration
- UI Design
- Fashion Design
- Animation & Video
- Social Media Ads
- Project Management
- Digital Content


He is currently actively involved in NFT sales and collections on the HEN platform. NFTs are also on sale on different platforms. Very soon, he will be designing NFT collections with high artistic value on different blockchains...


Mustafa Buyukozer


Founder / Visual Designer

Latest Collections

Maji Mag Art Collections


Each piece creates the big picture. New graphics will be minted every month. So at the end of 1 year, you have a big picture.


The covers of Turkey's first psychedelic trance culture and art magazine are on sale as NFTs! We published 19 issues as a digital magazine between 2007-2012.


Our first NFTs minted in April! It is composed of old and new digital designs.